Refugees, (Il)legal Immigrants, and the Christian

I first posted this in September 2015 and believe it is even more important today…and it applies as much to refugees from Muslim countries as it does to Hispanic immigrants. Where do we go from here, fellow Christians?

Compassion is a Journey

I never would have supposed that immigration had the power to become such a central issue of the upcoming presidential election. As a Christian and as someone who ministers weekly inside a community of immigrants, many of whom I suspect are undocumented, I have been horrified by the amount of collective hate that has been slung toward Hispanics and Latinos in recent weeks.[1]

I have no intention of making a political statement here. Instead, speaking as one Christian to another, I would like to share my opinion about how we should be responding to the immigrants among us (both those who are here legally, and those who are not).

Let me start with what should be most obvious: hate is never the proper Christian response to another human being.

I will go even further, though. At the core of all the cries to “send those illegals back where they…

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