Feliz Navidad

nativity 1

Two weeks ago, we had our one and only semblance of a rehearsal for the El Crucero children’s Christmas program. It went about how I expected. Lots of noise and chaos.

Mary and Joseph were both deeply embarrassed and didn’t want to stand anywhere in proximity to each other. Little Eric (a wise man) was so horrified I had put him in a “dress” that he spent the whole practice holding the tunic hiked up above his waist. Monica nearly gave a couple of other children black eyes with her shepherds’ crook.

I had no idea what to expect from tonight. I had assigned 8 costumed roles and 5 significant narration roles and knew it would take a miracle for them all to show up. I had told them to invite their parents to come watch, but  didn’t know if any of them would.

But, thanks to much prayer and God’s grace, the program went well. Although 2 of my expected performers didn’t come, two other children joyfully (even eagerly) replaced them. All of my narrators came and read beautifully. Eric kept his skirt, er tunic, down and Monica kept her crook up.

I know that not all of their parents came, but some did and the small sanctuary felt full. Afterwards we had a lively cookie and punch reception, where I had opportunity to get many Merry Christmas hugs.

So tonight, I am grateful. Grateful for all of my friends who helped out. Grateful for everyone who prayed. And grateful for my brave, wonderful El Crucero kids.

I’ll leave you with another nativity picture. The one above was taken shortly before we opened the doors to the sanctuary. I had put everyone in place and they happily posed for my camera. This second picture was taken during the actual program. I think you might be as entertained by the differences between the two as I am.

nativity 6

May you all have a Feliz Navidad!


4 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad

    1. They were hysterical! One of the wise men kept peeking outside before the program began so that all of the kids waiting to be let in could see him in his beard.


  1. Brooke… this brings tears to my eyes! I loved reading (in a related post) about the Christmas iterations of El Crucero. I love your heart for these children and I love that I recognize familiar faces in these photos. 🙂


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